Dr.Shine Events is specifically designed and built for corporate trade shows. Shoe Shiners are a brilliant way to assist exhibitors in attracting clients to their areas. Whether the event is corporate or social, our Shoe Shine Chairs are an excellent way to make an area busy and vibrant. The Shoe Shine Chair allows your staff to relay a message or sell a product to someone who is relaxed and thrilled not to be offered the usual corporate incentive

We provide professional Shoe Shiners with our Shoe Shine Chairs, and ensure that they are expertly trained in the art of shoe shining and well dressed or a uniform of your choice

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Phone: 1(800) 517-7719

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509, madson Avenue. New york, NY 10022-5501 Telephone:1(800) 517-7719. Business Hours:7am - 6:30pm
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